In the blink of an eye

Pubblicato il 03-07-2024

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE is an artistic project inspired by the forty thousand small Xs tattooed on the entire body of the contemporary artist Alfredo Meschi.
Forty thousand animals are wiped out every second due to our food madness, there are girls and boys who die every day from malnutrition, there are migrant people who have died in the Mediterranean from the beginning of the millennium to today. In the States, forty thousand people take their own lives every year, who die in road accidents, who are killed by firearms, who succumb to drugs, and minors who suffer sexual abuse…
In 2017 Alfredo Meschi together with the photographer Massimo Giovannini decided to capture an infinitesimal blink of our civilization gone mad, starting to transfer Alfredo’s the number that repeats itself most quickly and atrociously, that of animals killed every second.
A blink of an eye for Harvard University actually lasts a tenth of a second.
The 4000 people, all portrayed in a photographic diptych, will represent a performance in perpetual memory of this historical moment of the Anthropocene, the first geological era to take its name from an animal species and its unfortunate ability to alter the balance of the Earth.

Sunday May 19, 2024 Noa Ink and In the Blink of an Eye have teamed up for a special collaboration! The artists of Noa Ink fully embraced the cause by taunting X on anyone they wanted inside Noa Ink Florence in the magnificent setting of Manifattura Tabacchi. A unique event that united two very important realities in the Italian panorama..

People who decided to participate underwent a tattoo session (from 1 to 4X) and a photographic portrait made up of 2 single photographs, one of the person’s face and one of the tattoo itself. A fantastic day that saw the union of two worlds such as Noa Ink and In the blink of an eye.